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Mikael Godée-Eve Beuvens Quartet

"Looking Forward" 


      Sortie sur le label Igloo en février 2019

    Mikael Godée: soprano saxophone, compositions
    Eve Beuvens: piano, compositions 
    Magnus Bergström : bass
    Johan Birgenius : drums


Eve Beuvens "Heptatomic"




    Laurent Blondiau: trumpet, bugle
    Grégoire Tirtiaux: alto and baryton saxes
    Sylvain Debaisieux : tenor sax
    Benjamin Sauzereau : guitar
    Eve Beuvens : piano, compositions
    Manolo Cabras  : double bass
    Lionel Beuvens : drums


On the occasion of a carte blanche at the Gaume Jazz Festival in 2013, pianist Eve Beuvens decides to move away from the intimate forms of music she usually likes:  she has surrounded herself with six musicians and created "Heptatomic", a strong group combining young talents and established players.

Two years later, the septet presents its first album, lying somewhere between lyricism and free jazz.


Since the release of her first album "Noordzee" published in 2008, Eve Beuvens has continued her quest for harmony of contrasts and music without artifice, continuously gaining in color and richness.

The repertoire written specifically for the project and signed entirely by her pen reveals the many facets of her musical personality and demonstrates that lyricism and energy are not incompatible. The delicacy and refinement of her compositions give way to sequences of adventurous frenzy. The piano playing, confident and flexible, is beautifully accompanied by this new 'dream team' that offers an invigorating, intelligent and contemporary jazz, full of atomic energy ...!

Cd release : september 2015

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Mikael Godée - Eve Beuvens quartet


Mikael Godée : soprano saxophone, compositions
Eve Beuvens : piano, compositions
Magnus Bergström : double bass
Johan Birgenius : drums

Release date: February 2013
Price: 16,00€

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Sentiments d'un clown

Alexandre Beaurain Quintet

Alexandre Beaurain quartet - Sentiments d'un clown

Alexandre Beaurain : guitar, compositions
Erik Bogaerts : saxophones
Eve Beuvens : piano
Olivier Stalon : electrique bass
Toon Van Dionant : drums

Release date: October 2013
Price: 12,00€

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Light in Sight

Cezariusz Gadzina Quartet

Light in Sight - Cezariusz Gadzina Quartet

Cezariusz Gadzina : saxophones, compositions
Eve Beuvens : piano
Christophe Devisscher : double bass
Lionel Beuvens : drums

Release date: March 2012
Price: 15,00€

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A Little Busy

The Sidewinders

A Little Busy - The Sidewinders

Eve Beuvens : Piano
Thomas Champagne : Saxophone
Michel Paré : Trumpet
Toon Van Dionant : Drums
Nicholas Yates : Double Bass

Release date: October 2012
Price: 15,00€

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Eve Beuvens Quartet

Nordzee - Eve Beuvens Quartet

Eve Beuvens : Piano
Yannick Peeters : Double Bass
Lionel Beuvens : Drums
Joachim Badenhorst : Clarinet

Release date: April 2009
Price: 15,00€

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"Un petit bijou d'album."

Meq - Mikael Gosée-Eve Beuvens Quartet

Le MAD, JC. Vantroyen

"La musique passe entre les musiciens tel un fluide. Chacun ajoutant sa touche. Un dialogue merveilleux s'installe entre eux. Excellent."

Noordzee - Eve Beuvens Quartet

Jacques Prouvost, Citizen Jazz

"Ne passez pas à coté de cette très belle découverte du Label IGLOO."

Noordzee - Eve Beuvens Quartet

J-P Goffin, Vers l'Avenir

"Le plaisir de Thomas Champagne (sax) et de son équipe est évident et communicatif. Une excellente galette qui fait revivre le groove et le funk des sixties."

A little busy - The Sidewinders

JP. Goffin, Vers l'Avenir

"Ce groove, les Sidewinders l'ont, c'est sûr. Sur l'album qui est emballant, enthousiasmant, qui revient au plaisir premier du jazz, celui de battre la mesure, de taper du pied, de danser même et de fredonner les thèmes. Mais aussi sur la scène, où ça chaloupe ferme."

A little busy - The Sidewinders

Le Mad, JC. Vantroyen